Sunday Shelter Meal

Every Sunday at the Life Center, we have approximately 100-125 guests with us who are currently living in one of the homeless shelters in the Minneapolis area. We provide a free ride to our Sunday worship service for individuals and families living in the following shelters: Mary’s Place, Drake Hotel, and People Serving People (“PSP”).​

In order to make it possible for these guests to be with us during service and receive the spiritual nourishment they need, we provide lunch for them to replace the regular meal that they miss by attending our worship service.

This is a great opportunity for your church or small group to see the inner-city ministry of the Life Center first-hand and also to make a tangible impact. Please pray about how you can partner with us as we are “changing our city, one life at a time​ ​”!

We are currently looking for churches, families, and small groups who would like to sponsor this meal for one or more Sundays. Please see below for more information.

Fill Out Check-in Form

Each group will PROVIDE, PREPARE, and SERVE the meal for the Sunday for which they sign up. This includes:

Purchasing food items and paper products (see “budget” below)

Helping to clean up kitchen and eating area after meal

Schedule: Sundays 10:30-2:30pm.

Your team will receive a brief orientation and also the​ opportunity to enjoy our worship service - you won’t want to miss it!


Plan for 125-150 servings or more.​

Budget: Depending on the meal you choose to prepare, you should plan to budget

$1.50-$2.50/serving ($200-$350 total).

Many times it’s possible to get some of the food items donated if you plan ahead and have a connection with a grocery store

Recommended Group Size:

We recommend a group of 8-12 people​


Our commercial kitchen here at the Life Center will be at your disposal.

We currently​ have two  6-burner stoves and double convection oven.

The meal could be prepared at your church or home and then brought to the Life Center, if that would be more convenient.

Special Instructions:

We do not allow red or other strong-colored drinks in the sanctuary - we generally use lemonade for drinks.

Also, we try to stay away from red sauces as much as possible.

This helps us to keep our clean-​ up costs to a minimum.

Contact David Yajko by phone at
612.255-8843 or email at​ to find out what dates are available or for more information.​

Team Schedule

Sunday, 10:30-2:30pm

Team arrives at Life Center

Team Orientation

Life Center Tour for any first-time volunteers

ICCM Worship Service (Prepare food at this time, if necessary)

Meal ready to serve

Clean-up after meal


A quick checklist to help you plan your Sunday!

Choose menu

Create shopping list

Food items

Lemonade (no red juices, please)

Paper products

Plates (or bowls, depending on meal)


Silverware (forks, knives, spoons, depending on meal)



If this is your group’s first time, we will provide a tour and orientation upon arrival at the Life Center. ​

Team members will need to fill out a volunteer waiver form before arriving at the Life Center (a link will be sent by email to the team leader)

The following is a list of some important notes for your volunteer day!

Food, drinks, and paper products purchased and prepared by team

Meal needs to be ready to serve at 1:15pm (service ends between 1:15-1:30pm)

Cleaning Checklist (at the conclusion of the meal - supplies provided by the Life Center)

Tables in dining area wiped down before and after meal

All kitchen surfaces used should be cleaned and disinfected

Kitchen floor mopped

Oven surfaces wiped down

Dishes washed and returned to shelves

Garbage bags are taken out to dumpster and replaced before leaving

Sweep up any food waste on floor in dining area

Notify Life Center staff in the case of any major clean-up items

Worship service is from 11:30-1:15pm. Your team should feel free to enjoy the service and join us in worship!