Our Beginnings

In 1993, Chris and Monica DeLaurentis opened their inner-city Minneapolis apartment to 35 drug addicted homeless people.  Within a month, their apartment was overwhelmed by the 100 or more people who showed up for services.

Our Beginnings

Although much has changed since 1993, what hasn’t changed is the power of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of people who are hurting and in need.

In the past 30 years, thousands of men and women have found freedom from addiction, poverty and other life-controlling issues.  Teens once destined for prison are attending college and many children now have parents who are able to provide love and nurture. In an act of faith, they successfully bid on a 35,000 square-foot building at 1812 Park Avenue to serve as an urban ministry center.

Since then, the ministry has expanded and reaches up to 1,000 people each week—through outreach at prisons and homeless shelters, at worship services and through the many Life Center programs and services.


Target ministry areas are the Philips and Central Communities of Minneapolis—people living in these communities have the highest rates of poverty, addiction and poor health in the state of Minnesota.

Over 90% of Life Center members are people of color.

Large percentages of our members struggle with addictions to alcohol and/or drugs.

A majority are homeless, single parents who lack education and skills.

Some of the services provided at Minneapolis Life Center include street, shelter and prison outreach, worship services, support groups, food assistance, addiction recovery, life skills training, tutoring for children and adults, GED preparation, job training and the Global University.