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My parents were addicts who fought constantly. When I was 9, I was molested and started using drugs to escape my pain. Over the years, I would go to treatment programs, come out and go right back to drugs. Finally I ended up in jail. When I was released, I had my probation transferred to Minnesota because I wanted to try for a better life. I was celebrating my birthday in the park when an outreach team from Life Center came. We prayed, but then I went right back to my life. A few months later I was homeless and somehow ended up at Life Center for Saturday night prayer.

I talked with Pastor Chris and he let me stay at the Men’s Discipleship House. Soon I committed myself to Jesus and joined the Life Skills and other groups at Life Center. With the help of Jesus and the groups and classes at Life Center, I was able to overcome my addiction to drugs and learn to trust and love. Now I am married, attending college and lead the 12-step addiction recovery group on Wednesday nights.

“Abil-i-tate” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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ICCM Life Center
PO Box 7186
MPLS, MN 55407


MPLS Life Center
1812 Park Ave S
MPLS, MN 55404
P: 612-870-0000


Chicago Life Center
5501 S LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60621
P: 773-324-2055

School of Life, Pre-School

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