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I came to Life Center when I was 7. My mom would bring me and my younger sister and brothers. She was on drugs and she drank alcohol, a few years after attending life center she married a man who would beat her. It seemed like every weekend they were fighting for something. Their voilence towards each other and their drug abuse caused us to get evicted from our home. After living all over the twins cities they thought that it would be better if we tried a new state. We would follow him from state to state, On one of those trips, she left my me and my sister with friends in Minneapolis. We also stayed at the Women’s Discipleship Home for a while, but then ended up in foster care. We were adopted by a great family who we met through the church my 10th grade year in school. I'm 24 now and living in Dallas, TX working as a cosmetology, and still on fire for the Lord. I share my testimony to let others know that know that God can change their lives, too.”

Joel 2:25
“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten—“

Dear Lord, Thank you for seeing me through the years. Thank you for all that you have restored to me despite all I have done without You. Help me to see Your Blessings. And when I go through hard times, remind me that I will be rewarded.

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ICCM Life Center
PO Box 7186
MPLS, MN 55407


MPLS Life Center
1812 Park Ave S
MPLS, MN 55404
P: 612-870-0000


Chicago Life Center
5501 S LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60621
P: 773-324-2055

School of Life, Pre-School

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