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Both my parents are crack heads, but I didn’t know my dad because he was never around.  My mom would leave us for days at a time so she could sell her body to buy more crack—leaving us home alone and hungry.  I felt so hopeless and helpless.  I would cry myself to sleep and ask “Why do I have a mom like this?” I thought about suicide a lot. 

This all changed after my grandma brought me to Life Center.  At Life Center, my grandma found Jesus and freedom from her lifelong heroin addiction.  At first I didn’t think that anybody could ever understand my pain or know what I was going through.  But then Pastor Monica told me about her old life, how she was addicted to drugs and had tried to kill herself.  Jesus totally changed her life and now she is a pastor.

For the first time in my life, I felt hope.  I started to pray and read the Bible and then my life began to change.  I was able to finish high school and graduate from North Central University.  Now I’m married and have a beautiful daughter, Adaila, who will never know the same kind of pain I experienced.  Since beginning college, I’ve been reaching out to share Jesus with girls in the inner city—girls just like me.

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ICCM Life Center
PO Box 7186
MPLS, MN 55407


MPLS Life Center
1812 Park Ave S
MPLS, MN 55404
P: 612-870-0000


Chicago Life Center
5501 S LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60621
P: 773-324-2055

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