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JLS Tutoring Program

Sherry Swanson has tutored students in the metro area for much of her life, helping students with their college entrance exams. She and her husband, John, have combined their passion for education with their commitment as Christ followers to make a lasting impact in the inner city. Their JLS tutoring program works with at-risk students from the city to provide them an opportunity to attend Hope Academy, located just blocks from the Life Center. If students and their parents will commit to making education a priority, the sky is the limit to what these children can achieve. We believe that our students should be able to get the same quality of education regardless of what neighborhood they grow up in.


If you believe God may be calling you to help prepare the next generation for service to Him, then this opportunity could be for you. Training and orientation will be provided. Contact John or Sherry at 763-417-0659, or by email at for more information.



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Contact & Location Info

Mail Address

ICCM Life Center
PO Box 7186
MPLS, MN 55407


MPLS Life Center
1812 Park Ave S
MPLS, MN 55404
P: 612-870-0000


Chicago Life Center
5501 S LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60621
P: 773-324-2055

School of Life, Pre-School

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