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Shelter Meal Outreach Program


At the Life Center, our mission is to "change our city, one life at a time." One way that we do this is by reaching out to individuals and families living in the homeless shelters here in Minneapolis. Most people who find themselves in this situation come from a background of poverty, abuse, and addiction. Our goal is to bring hope and healing to each person we meet through the love of God and the truth of His Word.

In order for these families to be a part of our Sunday worship services and receive the spiritual nourishment that they need, we provide them with a free ride and a free meal each and every Sunday.

We are looking for churches, families, and small groups who would like to sponsor this meal for one or more Sundays.


Each team will:

  • Provide, prepare and serve a meal for 100
  • Receive a brief orientation and a tour of the Life Center campus
  • Get a chance to join us for our worship service
  • Experience inner-city ministry firsthand


Q: What does a typical schedule look like?

A: Team arrives at the Life Center by 11:00am for orientation. Meal is ready to be served by 1:15pm. Team departs at 2:30pm.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: You will want to budget for $150-$300 depending on what meal you decide to do. Make sure to include paper products in your planning.

Q: Do you have a kitchen available?

A: Yes! We have a commercial kitchen that will be at your disposal. We recommend that the team leader does a pre-planning visit to the Life Center if it will be the group's first time.

Q: Are there any special instructions or foods/drinks you don't allow?

A: We do not allow red drinks or other strong-colored beverages to be served due to high clean-up costs--we recommend lemonade and/or water for a beverage.

Checklist to Bring a Team


  1. Get your team together (we recommend bringing a team of 6-10 people).
  2. Plan your budget. It should cost around $150-$300 to serve a meal for 100 people. (This includes drinks and paper products, as well.)
  3. Choose your meal. Decide what meal your group would like to serve. If you're not sure, just ask and we can give some suggestions based on what other groups have done.
  4. Pick a date. Contact Dan Helstrom by email ( or phone (612.870.0000) to choose an available date and confirm the details for your group.


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Contact & Location Info

Mail Address

ICCM Life Center
PO Box 7186
MPLS, MN 55407


MPLS Life Center
1812 Park Ave S
MPLS, MN 55404
P: 612-870-0000


Chicago Life Center
5501 S LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60621
P: 773-324-2055

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